It’s all happening in Radelaide…

It’s a great time to be in Adelaide if you enjoy great music and/or beer… and I’m assuming you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this very blog (notwithstanding of course the eloquent prose, masterful wordplay and general unparalleled wordsmithery). And so here is a shameless plug for our fine town and the many awesome events happening around the place over the next couple of weeks. Continue reading “It’s all happening in Radelaide…”

Space is Deep

As some readers may already know, I am something of a devotee of space rock godfathers Hawkwind. Some, like Mrs Mac for example, would argue that by owning sixty-plus Hawkwind vinyl albums (and counting) I am less a devotee and more an obsessive lunatic. Regardless, the band has released, and in fact continues to release, many wonderful albums. The pinnacle for me, however, remains their monumental ‘Space Ritual’ live album from 1973; a truly mind-frying combination of thunderously heavy rock underpinned by relentless driving rhythms, extended jams, all manner of electronic sounds and spacey effects, spoken word interludes and cosmic and anarchic lyrical musings. Continue reading “Space is Deep”

Living Colour, Massive at the Governor Hindmarsh, Wednesday 17 May

Apologies, I know this is really, really late but here finally is my review of the amazing Living Colour show from a few weeks back. There has been a lot of sadness and grief of late so it has been great to re-live a fantastic evening while pulling this together. Continue reading “Living Colour, Massive at the Governor Hindmarsh, Wednesday 17 May”

Vale Chris Cornell

So sad to hear of Chris Cornell’s sudden passing recently. I have to say that the news really did knock me sideways which I think was a combination of his death being so unexpected, my love for the music he was such an integral part of with Soundgarden and also that this was a man of a similar age to me who I admired enormously. Continue reading “Vale Chris Cornell”

My Heart is Heavy

So I’ve been trying to write up my review of the Living Colour show the other night, which was an amazing, wonderful gig. But my thoughts have been constantly drifting, initially towards the tragic passing of the extraordinary singer Chris Cornell and then to the awful, unspeakable events in Manchester. Now we hear of another bombing, this time in Jakarta, that has claimed the lives of three police officers. Continue reading “My Heart is Heavy”

Autumn Reds

Ah autumn… that bittersweet time of year when the weather starts to cool, the days get shorter and the leaves of various deciduous trees turn brilliant shades of amber and red before detaching (or ‘abscising’ for all you botanists out there) and spiraling gently earthward. Coincidentally, or possibly as part of Mother Nature’s grand design, autumn is also the time of year when bitter and sweet ales of various amber shades rightly come into their own, while unwary drinkers may similarly find themselves abscising from consciousness and spiraling not-so-gently earthward. Continue reading “Autumn Reds”

Record Store Day…only 5 more sleeps!

One of my favourite days of the year is just around the corner with international Record Store Day taking place on Saturday 22 April. Now I need very little encouragement to go into a record store at the best of times, but on Record Store Day I feel that it is actually my moral duty to sally forth for the day to my favourite stores and spend all of my meagre savings (squirreled away from the pittance of an allowance that Mrs Mac allows me) on various vinyl treasures. Continue reading “Record Store Day…only 5 more sleeps!”

Woolshed Brewery

Mrs Mac and I have just returned from a short but very enjoyable stay at the Pike River Villas in the Riverland (highly recommended if you are looking for somewhere to really down tools and relax… ). It will by now come as no surprise that time was found to pay a visit to the Woolshed Brewery at Murtho, a place that has been on my to-do list for some time. Continue reading “Woolshed Brewery”

Pallbearer, “Heartless’, Nuclear Blast

Pallbearer’s 2012 debut album ‘Sorrow and Extinction’ was a weighty, riff-laden slab of largely traditional doom, heavily influenced by classic ‘seventies heavy rock and metal but also characterised by hints of more progressive tendencies than many of their peers. Since then those tendencies have continued to come to the fore, via the excellent second album ‘Foundations of Burden’ and culminating now in new album ‘Heartless’. Continue reading “Pallbearer, “Heartless’, Nuclear Blast”

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