One of my favourite days of the year is just around the corner with international Record Store Day taking place on Saturday 22 April. Now I need very little encouragement to go into a record store at the best of times, but on Record Store Day I feel that it is actually my moral duty to sally forth for the day to my favourite stores and spend all of my meagre savings (squirreled away from the pittance of an allowance that Mrs Mac allows me) on various vinyl treasures.

Since its inception Record Store Day has continued to grow and grow, and has certainly played a big part in the wonderful resurgence of interest in vinyl music and perhaps more importantly in helping to save from extinction the independent music store. And that if nothing else is a thing worth celebrating.

I usually end up with at least a couple of the special Record Store Day releases, of which there are now hundreds across all styles of music, but these are actually of secondary importance for me. It is more about just celebrating the joy of happily fossicking through the racks to see what surprises might be found, and sharing that experience with heaps of other folks of all ages who usually have the same happy and slightly dazed grin on their faces as me. Then there are the record store owners themselves, who are hopefully reaping some well-earned additional financial rewards on the day, after all their hard work, passion and commitment all year round.

Here in Adelaide the likes of Clarity Records in the city, Underground Records and Dillon’s Music on The Parade at Norwood and The Muses at St Morris have all got something special planned for the day, while pop-up store Crackle & Pop will be popping up at the King’s Head hotel so you can enjoy a fine South Australian ale or two while you rummage through their wares.

You can find out what’s happening in your neighbourhood on the day at . So get out amongst it, find an LP or three and have yourself a great day.

Jimmy Mac