It’s a great time to be in Adelaide if you enjoy great music and/or beer… and I’m assuming you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this very blog (notwithstanding of course the eloquent prose, masterful wordplay and general unparalleled wordsmithery). And so here is a shameless plug for our fine town and the many awesome events happening around the place over the next couple of weeks.

The second Umbrella Winter City Sounds music festival kicked off last Friday and will run through until Sunday 30 July. This year there are over three hundred live music performances across pretty much every conceivable style taking place all over the city in all manner of places, including trams and an old insane asylum! Among the myriad of events is ‘Wintersteady 2017’, which features a heap of great local psych bands such as The Dunes, Wolf & Cub, Sons of Zoku and Druid Fluids along with interstate visitors Sacred Shrines (Queensland), Party Dozen (NSW) and Black Heart Death Cult (Victoria), playing across two stages at the Exeter and Crown & Anchor Hotels on Saturday 22nd July, while on Friday 28th July the Ed Castle plays host to crazed Californian punk-psych-stoner lunatics Lecherous Gaze along with equally loud and unhinged local bands Hydromedusa, Crypt and Jungle City. There is so much more on offer though, so check out the entire program at


Coming up this weekend on both Saturday and Sunday (22nd and 23rd July) is the massive Music Palooza record fair ( , being once again held in Plant One in the amazing Bowden redevelopment. I look forward to these fairs with tremendous and giddy excitement, probably even more so than I do for Record Store Day. Which is saying something.19225894_1574662339272683_36994815903784070_n

Nowhere else will you find legendary local record stores like Underground Records, Clarity Records, and Crackle & Pop all under the one roof along with Melbourne Institution Heartland Records and first time visitors JJ’s Vinyl (also from Melbourne) and a whole bunch of other stores and private sellers of records, CDs, DVDs and memorabilia. With over one hundred thousand titles expected to be available there should still be a few bargains and treasures left for the rest of you even after I have finished rampaging through all those crates of vinyl. And if you happen to come across the original vinyl pressing of Celtic Frost’s ‘Tragic Serenades’ EP… it’s mine! Do you hear me?!!! Mine, mine, mine!!!

Ahem. Moving on to beer and we are now only a matter of days away from the third Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival which is once again at the Wayville Showgrounds, in and around the historic Brick Cattle Pavilion from the 28th to the 30th July. GABS may be great but ABBBQ is absolutely awesome as a showcase of South Australian brewers and cider makers, along with a select few interstate and international guests. Then of course there is the food with a whole bunch of local and interstate chefs and restaurants providing delicious sustenance to soak up those marvelous brews. Not to mention live music from the likes of West Thebarton, Hockey Dad, Ali Barter and some mob called Regurgitator. From past experience the atmosphere at ABBBQ is fantastic with each of the four sessions having its own particular vibe.



This year though, we don’t just have a stand-alone beer festival, oh no. This year the festival is the culmination of the inaugural Rad Beer Week, which kicks off with Little Bang Brewing in Stepney playing host to the twisted geniuses from Melbourne’s Moon Dog Craft Brewery on Friday 21st July for a collaboration brew and shared tap take-over. From there it’s on for young and old as local venues team up with breweries for a raft of events every day in the lead up to the ABBBQ, including beer and food matching, launches, more collaborations and tap take-overs, boilermaker masterclasses and much more. You can find out all about Rad Beer Week and the Adelaide Beer & BBQ Festival at . Best pace yourself though.

Get amongst it people.


Jimmy Mac