Woolshed Brewery

Mrs Mac and I have just returned from a short but very enjoyable stay at the Pike River Villas in the Riverland (highly recommended if you are looking for somewhere to really down tools and relax… ). It will by now come as no surprise that time was found to pay a visit to the Woolshed Brewery at Murtho, a place that has been on my to-do list for some time. Continue reading “Woolshed Brewery”

Pallbearer, “Heartless’, Nuclear Blast

Pallbearer’s 2012 debut album ‘Sorrow and Extinction’ was a weighty, riff-laden slab of largely traditional doom, heavily influenced by classic ‘seventies heavy rock and metal but also characterised by hints of more progressive tendencies than many of their peers. Since then those tendencies have continued to come to the fore, via the excellent second album ‘Foundations of Burden’ and culminating now in new album ‘Heartless’. Continue reading “Pallbearer, “Heartless’, Nuclear Blast”

Goodieson Brewery

Mrs Mac and I recently spent a weekend in the fine and picturesque township of McLaren Vale to attend the Day on the Green concert headlined by B-52s and Simple Minds at Leconfield Winery. Yes, that’s right. B-52s and Simple Minds. Not your typical Morbid Ales fare I know. But they were great. There, I said it. So there. Stop judging me. Continue reading “Goodieson Brewery”

Megadeth…discussions with Dave

Ordinarily I pay virtually no attention to the Grammy Awards, but I was more than just a little pleased to hear that Megadeth were awarded Best Metal Performance for the title track of last year’s excellent ‘Dystopia’ album after something like eleven previous nominations.

Furthermore it gives me a flimsy excuse to re-publish a couple of interviews that I had the pleasure of doing with Megadeth founder and main man Dave Mustaine back in 2009 and 2010 for dB Magazine. Despite plenty of nervousness on my part, Mustaine proved to be an amazing interviewee. Forthright in his views certainly, but I also found him to be an honest and self-deprecating man who was also very generous with his time and insights.

So without further ado… Continue reading “Megadeth…discussions with Dave”

Opeth, Caligula’s Horse at Thebarton Theatre, Friday 10 February 2017

On a hot and abnormally humid Friday evening a big crowd gathered at the stately if somewhat sweaty Thebarton Theatre for the return of death-metal-turned-prog-rock heroes Opeth. First up though were the five bearded gentlemen comprising Caligula’s Horse. ( The Brisbane outfit turned in a fine set of their immaculately crafted and finely honed heavy prog, drawn largely from their 2015 album ‘Bloom’. Continue reading “Opeth, Caligula’s Horse at Thebarton Theatre, Friday 10 February 2017”

Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Your correspondent recently returned from a visit to the fair (but not quite as fair as Adelaide) city of Melbourne in the company of Mrs Mac and a good friend of ours who wishes to remain anonymous (let’s just refer to him as ‘Paul’). The primary reasons for this expedition were:

  1. For ‘Paul’ and I to undertake our bi-annual visit to the Australian Open (or as it should now be rightfully referred to… the ‘Coopers Australian Open’); and
  2. For Mrs Mac to (successfully) provide a significant financial boost to the retail sector of the Victorian economy, and thereby further compromising my plans for an early retirement.

Along the way, time was also found to pay a visit to one of my favourite Melbournian establishments, namely the Moon Dog Craft Brewery ( in Duke Street Abbotsford, just off Victoria Street (and right under the nose of a certain mass-producer of fizzy bland rubbish masquerading as beer). Continue reading “Moon Dog Craft Brewery”

‘Sonic Prayer’, by Modus Operandi Brewing…and Earthless

So let me declare my hand up front. I reckon Modus Operandi Brewing ( ) are making some of the very best beers going around right now. And I am a massive, massive fan of San Diego instrumental heavy-psych trio Earthless ( ). And so when Modus Operandi named an IPA in honour of Earthless’s debut album ‘Sonic Prayer’, well I was agog with excitement and anticipation.
Continue reading “‘Sonic Prayer’, by Modus Operandi Brewing…and Earthless”

2016…The Year in Beer and Music

I get really annoyed when so-called experts publish their end of year ‘best of…’ lists. You would have to be really presumptuous, pretentious and full of your own self-importance to think that anyone else would be interested in your ill-informed and probably biased opinions.

And so here is my ‘best of 2016 in beer and music’ list. Continue reading “2016…The Year in Beer and Music”

Baroness, Child and Crypt at the Governor Hindmarsh Monday 12 December 2016

I really can’t think of a better way to blow out a dose of Mondayitis than to be blown away by the very awesome Baroness up close and personal at the Gov, and very ably supported by Melbourne power trio Child and local riff mongers Crypt. Continue reading “Baroness, Child and Crypt at the Governor Hindmarsh Monday 12 December 2016”

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